2022 The Young Scientists Collectors Box Sets [Level 1 - 4]

2022 Young Scientists Collectors Box Set



Our recommendations in general are: Level 1 = Introduction to Science for Pri1 to Pri2 Level 2 = Lower Block Science for Pri3 to Pri4 Level 3 = Upper Block Science for Pri5 to Pri6 Level 4 = Lower Sec Science (EA/NA) for students graduating Pri6 to Sec2. 2022 Young Scientists Collection Box Set [Level 1] Issue#213 to Issue #222 (10 magazines) The Level 1 Collection Set aims to open up the world of Science to curious little minds and prepare both P1 and P2 students for a fascinating journey into the studies of various Science subjects in the Lower Block and Upper Block syllabus in P3 and beyond. The stories and characters are creatively crafted to keep the young ones engaged and interested in the magazines. 2022 Young Scientists Collection Box Set [Level 2] Issue #213 to Issue #222 (10 magazines) The Level 2 Collection Set reveals the wonders of Lower Block Science Syllabus by creating stories in comic format to assist pupils in understanding the Science concepts better. The pack also comes with 10 PSLE format worksheets with accompanying answers sheets to enable the students to work on the progress of their understanding of the material covered. 2022 Young Scientists Collector Box Set [Level 3] Issue #213 to Issue #222 (10 magazines) The Level 3 Collection Set explores further the intricacies and mysteries of Upper Block Science Syllabus with fascinating articles and challenging PLSE format type questions. True to a Young Scientists magazine, the characters and stories are interestingly written to help students grasps more advanced Science concepts. 2022 Young Scientists Collector Box Set [Level 4] Issue #81 to Issue #90 (10 magazines) The Young Scientists Level 4 is specially designed and written for upper primary pupils and lower secondary students. The topics of the magazine aim to expose readers to more in-depth understanding of the themes of Diversity, Models, Systems and Interactions while maintaining the fun and exciting comic style which is the trademark of The Young Scientists magazine. *運費 (請在選擇送貨方式必須選擇 "順豐到付" 或 每張訂單購物滿$800以上免運費) 謝謝注意!



*運費 (請在選擇送貨方式必須選擇 "順豐到付" 或 每張訂單購物滿$800以上免運費) 謝謝注意!